November 14, 2009
Knocks From the Underground

September 16, 2009
NYC Artists Scene

July 11, 2009

May 21, 2009
Baltimore Jewish Times
Ott says, "I played solo [at CBGBs] so it was just me and my guitar. All I was thinking throughout those few songs was just 'don't screw up'... I know my voice was shaking the whole time and my fingers were sweaty and cramping up." That’s what I like to hear ­ someone who has the guts to put themselves out there. Playing your first NYC show a world renowned venue in one of the music capitals of the world, alone? That’s a little thing in the biz we like to call chutzpah.Continue

February 25, 2009
Some Baltimore guys (such as myself), may hold something against Monica Ott. She left her hometown of Baltimore to pursue bigger and better things in the glitzy and glamorous town of New York City! However, it is there that she was able play her FIRST live NYC performance at CBGB's... and it was New York where Monica became part of the prestigious NYC Songwriter's Circle. Continue